Cloud Computing Adoption in Healthcare Organisations: A Qualitative Study in Saudi Arabia

Authors: Fawaz Alharbi, Anthony Atkins and Clare Stanier

Volume 35 (2017)


This paper provides a comprehensive review of Cloud Computing by discussing the benefits and challenges of implementing such solution and discusses various Cloud Computing adoption models. The paper describes Cloud Computing in healthcare domains. It provides also information about Cloud Computing in Saudi Arabia and how it could be applied for healthcare domain. The paper presents a qualitative study which provides an in-depth understanding of the Cloud Computing adoption decision-making process in healthcare organisations in Saudi Arabia. The paper discusses the factors which will affect Cloud Computing decision making process in Saudi Arabia. The findings of the study showed that the factors affecting Cloud Computing adoption can be divided into five main categories, Technological, Business, Environmental, Organisational and Human. This paper also identifies some of the key drivers and challenges of Cloud Computing adoption in Saudi healthcare organisations. This study will help both Saudi healthcare organisations and Cloud Computing vendors in understanding healthcare organisations’ attitude towards the adoption of Cloud Computing.