Bridging the Gap between the Business and Social Worlds: A Data Artifact-driven Approach

Authors: Zakaria Maamar, Vanilson Burégio, Mohamed Sellami, Nelson Souto Rosa, Zhengshuai Peng, Zachariah Subin, Nayana Prakash, Djamal Benslimane, and Roosevelt Silva

Volume 35 (2017)


The widespread adoption of Web 2.0 applications has forced enterprises to rethink their ways of doing business. To support enterprises in their endeavors, this paper puts forward business-data artifact and social-data artifact to capture, respectively, the intrinsic characteristics of the business world (associated with business process management systems) and social world (associated with Web 2.0 applications), and, also, to make these two worlds work together. While the research community has extensively looked into business-data artifacts, there is a limited knowledge about/interest in social-data artifacts. This paper defines social-data artifact, analyzes the interactions between business- and social-data artifacts, and develops an architecture to support these interactions. For demonstration purposes, an implementation of a sociallyflavored faculty-hiring scenario is discussed in the paper. The implementation calls for specialized components known as social machines that support artifact interaction.