The Data Quality Framework for the Estonian Public Sector and its Evaluation - Establishing a Systematic Process-Oriented Viewpoint on Cross-Organizational Data Quality

Authors: Jaak Tepandi, Mihkel Lauk, Janar Linros, Priit Raspel, Gunnar Piho, Ingrid Pappel, and Dirk Draheim

Volume 35 (2017)


In this paper, we describe a data quality framework for public sector organizations is proposed. It includes a data quality methodology for the public sector organizations (DQMP) and a complex of state-level activities for improving data quality in the public sector. The DQMP comprises a data quality model, a data quality maturity model, and a data quality management process. Based on this framework, two guidelines have been developed: a data quality handbook for public sector organizations and guidelines for improving data quality in the public sector. The results of the evaluation of the data quality handbook on three basic Estonian state registers highlight lessons learned and con rm the usefulness of the approach. The paper aims at researchers investigating data quality in various environments and practitioners involved in information systems management, development, and maintenance.