Optimizing Heuristics for Energy-Aware VM Placement with Fixed Intervals and Non-preemption

Authors: Nguyen Quang-Hung, Nam Thoai, Nguyen Thanh Son

Volume 31 (2017)


Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) clouds have become more popular enabling users to run applications under virtual machines. This paper investigates the energy-aware virtual machine (VM) allocation problems in IaaS clouds along characteristics: multiple resources, and fixed interval times and non-preemption of virtual machines. Many previous works proposed to use a minimum number of physical machines; however, this is not necessarily a good solution to minimize total energy consumption in the VM placement with multiple resources, fixed interval times and non-preemption. We observed that minimizing total energy consumption of physical machines is equivalent to minimize the sum of total completion time of all physical machines. Based on the observation, we propose EMinRET algorithm.